All Occupation Services Ltd is established to meet the needs of individuals as well as businesses in a unique and efficient way.
The Directors of All Occupation Services Ltd have extensive knowledge in the services we deliver and pride ourselves with putting smiles on our clients
face and promoting their business ventures.
We aim to match the candidates to their employer directly thereby promoting employee-employer relationship. This gives the employer the opportunity
to choose the right candidates and gives the employee the opportunity to meet and understand their employers better before any permanent

Our Service

We recruit and supply Temporary, Permanent and Self- Employed staff to our clients. There is an opportunity for each of our candidates.
We offer training to our staff who provides care and cleaning services however other services will be based on self-training however we will make
available the qualifications of our candidates to their prospective employers upon requests.
Our cost is very competitive and we like to negotiate and work together with our clients to agree on the cost.